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​How Do I Place An Order?​

An order can be placed through the 'Shop' section of this website. Select the item you would like to purchase, the size, color, add customization (optional), and select the quantity of the item you are interested in purchasing. Click "add to cart" so the item(s) selected is put into your cart and easy to access when finalizing the payment and shipping information page.


Payment & Shipping

Shirt Shack accepts all types of credit cards through online orders and within the store. Items that are ordered can be picked up in store or shipped anywhere within the United States. Customers will have to pay for shipping and handling, if they chose to have a package delivered to their house or other location.


Returns & Refunds

Shirt Shack does NOT give cash returns for items purchased online or within the store. Items can be exchanged for a size, or if we do not carry that item in a specific size, store credit will be given to a customer to use in the future. All customized items are NON-refundable or exchangeable due to the item being personalized for the customer.



Thank you for shopping with us!
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